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Loreen Will Give Them Hell

Riverwood Inn owner is backing a lawsuit to stop some potential highway catastrophe

posted by Mark on Aug 8, 2010
Loreen Eliason, owner of the Riverwood Inn in P-town, CAPhoto by Manny Crisostomo for the Sacramento Bee

We were stoked to see our buddy Loreen Eliason in a feature in the Sac Bee about a new Cal-Trans project to widen Hwy. 101 through a stretch of old-growth redwoods—some of the oldest on earth. Loreen is backing a law-suit to halt the plan. Trust us, you don’t want to get on her bad side.

The Bottom Dwellers try to make it out to the Riverwood Inn once a year. It’s one of our favorite venues to play, and not just because of the great people who frequent the place. That forest is amazing. If the road is too twisty for you, you are driving too fast. Slow down and look at the giant trees! This is one of the only known places in the universe to see such majestic things.

The Bottom Dwellers support the preservation of majestic old-growth trees, and are happy there are strong people who feel the same way.

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