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Surprise Billy Joe Shaver show

posted by Mark on Jun 6, 2010
Billy Joe Shaver signs autographs and tells crazy stories to fans.

Last Wednesday, Billy Joe Shaver had some legal business to attend to in Waco Texas. He also had a show that night in Winters California. His plane was running a little late, so the Palms did what any self respecting venue would do in this situation: call the Bottom Dwellers and have them keep the crowd entertained until the big show starts!

Needless to say, we were very appreciative of the chance to open the show for such a country legend. It was a packed house, and we played as a trio to ensure there was a respectable contrast between the two acts. The show went over very well. Billy Joe was in legendary form, and in a very good mood. We made lots of new friends (hi new friends!), and sold a decent amount of our own records.

If we have learned anything from this experience, it is that good chops, good songs, and flexibility are equally important. We’re very thankful to the Palms for the opportunity, and we’re glad we could help out in a pinch.

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