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Back To The Grind

posted by Mark on Feb 2, 2010
Bottom Dwellers at Elmira CabinBottom Dwellers at Elmira Cabin February 20, 2010.

We finally kicked out the winter cobwebs last night at the Elmira Cabin with Rosebud Blue. It felt good to crank things up a bit and try out some new material.

We did get our new PA head in the mail, and have resumed our weekly rehearsals. Along with some new originals, we’ve started breathing new life back into some of our older tunes. We’re still deciding on an official game plan for the year, but we’ve already set up a few local shows and have plans to finally beef up our merch table with some official Bottom Dwellers gear.

There will be some good stuff ahead. Sign our mailing list down there at the bottom of the page, and we’ll let you know when the good stuff hits.

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