Bottom Dwellers

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Bottom Dwellers Twang Americana

posted by Mark on Sep 9, 2005

The Bottom Dwellers are my new favorite country act in town. This CD is ample proof of why that is. Eighteen tracks of country tinged by the demon rock and roll.

These guys remind me somewhat of BR5-49. In other words they stay true to the roots of old-school country music, steering thank fully clear of that new country crap. As an added bonus guitarist Adam Hancock plays like a real country picker with a rock and roll heart, sorta like Carl Perkins.

Sure, some might label this music alt-country or Americana, but to me it just sounds like good ol country music, a la Hank Williams or Buck Owens. I may be confusing my country influences here since my first love will always be rocknroll. All I know is the music on this CD reeks of honkytonkin bars with chicken wire in front of the stage and bartenders who wear cowboy hats and have a perpetual toothpick in the side of their mouths. I think yall should five this a spin.

This article was taken from the Soundtrack section of the September 2005 issue of Alive & Kicking on 9/11/2005

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